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Having a beautiful yard will not only give your home a fantastic look, but it will also increase the value of your home. Proper landscaping maintenance will also boost your neighborhood. Whether you are a resident or business owner in Hilton Head Island, SC, you can make use of our exceptional residential and commercial landscaping & lawn services. Angel Landscaping LLC is a professional landscaper and reveals more information about our work below.

Our Services

Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services

Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services
The importance of our landscaping services is evident. Are you sick of looking at your tired garden? Our local landscaping contractor has the right solution for you. We can assist you with stress-free and effortless fertilization, mulching, watering, trimming, weeding, and edging. Our technicians know how to deal with weeds and pests, install flower beds, plant new vegetation (or remove them), and many other tasks. 

Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services
If you have a lawn, maintaining the grass lush and green will be your concern. Whether you have spotted a few bugs on the glass or you can see some yellow areas, take it easy and contact our company. We will check the lawn for you, evaluate all problems, and take the necessary actions to rectify them. Our lawn experts can help you select the right grass type if you are preparing for overseeding. 


There are plentiful kinds of mulch on the market today, both organic and inorganic. Whatever type you select, once it is spread evenly in the garden, you can expect to reap the benefits. Our contractor delivers and places mulch in your flower beds, lawn, shrubs, or around the trees. We add mulch to both residential and commercial settings, using our professional mulching mower and other equipment.


Regardless of the size or type of lawn you have, our landscapers will come to mow the grass to the exact height. Grass cutting in the summer and the winter are two different processes. Our specialists will be glad to help you with proper and regular lawn mowing. If you are not sure how high to leave the grass or how often to carry out this task, call us, and we provide you with the right answers to your questions. 


If you have a busy lifestyle and do not desire or have the energy to water your landscape after work, hire our contractor to irrigate your plants on schedule. We will inspect the condition and type of trees, shrubbery, and flowers you have planted and set up a plan that will make your garden flourish. How much water does your lawn need? Our professionals can tell you that after we check the grass area. 


Do you need any construction work as a part of your front yard or backyard landscaping project? Our company has the necessary equipment and experience to execute various jobs, like retaining walls, adding new raised plant beds, or add hardscapes. A construction project may also include building a patio, rebuilding walkways, or replacing a toppled wall. You name it!

Pest Control

Pest Control
We also offer adequate weed & pest control to our residential and commercial customers. Your lawn, trees, and other plants can be attacked by different pests, from grubs and chinch bugs to webworms and armyworms. They all have specifics in terms of feeding, breeding, and overall life expectancy. Our landscapers can easily recognize the right species and eliminate them with the correct methods and products. 

A Plethora of Benefits

We provide small front yard landscaping services that will help you achieve a Garden of Eden. However, if you are a commercial owner who wants to enhance the appearance of their property, you can reach our experts, and we will work in the direction to meet your needs and the needs of your landscape. Our company charges bargain prices for all our services, and we pride ourselves on the steady results we achieve.

The Right Techniques

Whether planning construction or a simple backyard landscaping project, our team is ready to give you our quality guidance, project management, and support. We will be glad to meet, sit, and talk about your individual needs and choices. We will ask you what plants you like and how you view your ideal landscape design. We will plan the job and deliver our specialized tools and equipment to finish everything before you know it.

If you have any questions about our services, call our specialists from Angel Landscaping LLC. Our company is in Hilton Head Island, SC, talk to us now.

Client’s Testimonial

by Sandra & Tim E. on Angel Landscaping LLC
Excellent Services!

This professional landscaping contractor helped us with our front yard project. The lawn needed complete overseeding, and they helped us choose the most appropriate type of grass. After that, they created a maintenance plan and now visit our home regularly for mowing, mulching, and other tasks. Great job!

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